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Co-Occurring Dialogues

Electronic Discussion List

Co-Occurring Dialogues is an Electronic Discussion List that represents an expansion of the services offered by the CSAT Treatment Improvement Exchange on the Web. ( The List was developed and established by the Division of State and Community Assistance (DSCA), and specifically focuses on issues related to dual diagnosis (defined for the purposes of this activity as a mental disorder and substance abuse). In addition, a special topics page on the TIE Forum is devoted to resources and information on these issues.

To Subscribe:

A subscription to the Co-Occurring Dialogues Discussion List is free and unrestricted and can be done simply by sending an e-mail to You can copy and paste the link into your e-mail program. Subscription Hint: Be sure to send the message from the e-mail account for which you want the subscription. When you send the request using the link above, you will receive an automated reply that contains a confirmation number. Simply reply to this message and your discussion list subscription will be activated.

CSAT believes that the Electronic Discussion List should belong to the field. Membership, therefore, is open to anyone interested in the topic, although CSAT reserves the right to remove persons who do not interact in a professional manner. Individuals already participating in List discussions include members of the research community, educators, treatment agencies and providers, members of the recovery community, and individuals at every level of government.

CSAT/ DSCA, makes the Co-Occurring Dialogues List available as a forum for communication, idea exchange, brainstorming, and the sharing of exciting and current publications and opportunities. The List also is used to make announcements and to broadcast information. Subscribers are free to ask questions of their peers, to seek information, and to respond to each other´s needs.

You are invited to subscribe and urged to forward this notice to anyone you believe may be interested in participating in meaningful discussions. For questions about how to subscribe or about your subscription, contact For other issues (such as content issues), please contact Tison Thomas by telephone at 240-276-2896 or by e-mail at

List Guidelines and Web Interface Instructions

Last Updated 4/16/13